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Confessions of a Blogging Elitist

January 30, 2008

I had started this blog because I thought it was “the thing” to do. Everyone else was doing it, so I should. I, then, got quickly discouraged by reading all the other blogs out there and the bad grammar and (to me) seemingly insignificant posts. I did not want to be like “those” blogs, so I just didn’t blog.

Recently, though, I’ve been reading and seeing how blogging is a great way to get my views out there… and I do have a lot of them. Plus, my wife is getting tired of being the only one who hears my passionate verbal diatribes. (She’s a wonderful wife!) I, then, read something from Seth Godin’s blog. Seth is a business and marketing guru/writer. He said something to the effect of: get your ideas out there; blog and don’t worry about what it looks like. So, I will blog my thoughts. They will mostly center around children’s ministry, but they may also be things indirectly related to children’s ministry as well.

Here goes! Boy, this is going to be hard for a first-born perfectionist like me 🙂