Getting Rid of That “Extra Space” You Get In Word:Mac 2008

May 15, 2008

I was reading my friend’s blog, and he had a post about a setting Microsoft put on Word 2008 that adds a space of 10 pts after each paragraph by default. Personally, I agree that this is a stupid default setting… unless someone can tell me the thinking behind it so I understand why. Well, my friend was asking for help, so I Googled “get rid of space in Word Mac 2008” and one of the sites gave a solution (and it worked for me). I thought I’d share it here for anyone who might be miffed by the default setting and wants to fix it. These instructions are for Mac. I don’t know if they did the same thing to the PC version. If so, the solution probably is similar.

Here are the steps to change that setting:

  1. Open Word.
  2. Go to Format » Styles…
  3. Highlight Normal in the Styles selection window, then press Modify.
  4. In the new window that opens, check the Add to Template box (lower left).
  5. Now choose Paragraph from the pop-up menu in the lower left corner of that same window.
  6. In the new window, change the After setting to 0.
  7. Click OK twice to close windows, then press Apply in the main Style window.
  8. Quit Word and re-open.


  1. Thank you very much for this helpful tip! It worked just as described!

  2. Thank you so much. This has been really bugging me and I’m so happy to have it fixed. Its the little things ;-P

  3. thanks!

  4. Worked perfectly.

  5. Thank you! With all of those steps I would not have figured it out on my own.

  6. thanks so much you helped me tons!!!!!!! you rock!!!!!!

  7. Thanks – I’ve been wanting to do this forever!

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