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Rob Biagi

February 8, 2008

I had the opportunity to reconnect briefly with a friend yesterday. His name is Rob Biagi. He is a children’s worship leader who tours around. You should check out his site by clicking on his name two sentences ago. I’ve been toying around with the idea of bringing him to Thunder Bay to do a family concert. I hadn’t done much with it, but our Student Ministries brought in Trace Bundy; a wonderful and amazing guitarist. No one really knew who he was yet they had a pretty good response. You never know in Thunder Bay. We have a population of 110,000 people but are pretty secluded. The nearest large city is Duluth, MN, which is three and a half hours away!

Anyway, with the response to the Trace Bundy concert, I thought that maybe I should look further into getting Rob here. I went to his site and filled out the questionnaire for concert bookings. To my great surprise and delight, I get a call from Rob later in the day! It was great to reconnect with him and talk about bringing him up. We are looking at probably late October. In the meantime, I’m going to have to do my homework and get kids and families in our church and the other churches in town familiar with Rob’s stuff. I’m excited!

Oh, and before I end this post… the reason I wanted to write about Rob is just to share my admiration of how he has been dealing with a major storm in his life in light of my previous post. His youngest daughter, who is the same age as my youngest daughter, was diagnosed with leukemia a while back. Since then, Rob and his family have had to deal with the pain associated with cancer treatments, medical bills and a very sick 2-year-old. In spite of all of that Rob has managed to keep smiling and “Following Jesus” (to quote one of his songs). I’m sure that he has his moments where the last thing he wants to do is smile, but overall he’s trusting God. That is awesome. Rob and his family are in my prayers. Please be praying for them as well. One other thing you can do to help is check out his website and his music. It’s fun music that kids love… even the boys! And if you can, have him come and do a concert for your community. Oh yeah, and tell other people about Rob and his music!